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Determining and managing the best course of treatment.

Care management is the collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, and care coordination to meet the needs of the patient and family for a higher chance of long-term health and healing.

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How care management works

Residential rehabilitation facilities are typically the first stabilization phase for anyone beginning recovery. For ongoing recovery, a comprehensive continuum of care enables clients to fully integrate into society as healthy, substance-free individuals. In most cases, ongoing support, therapy, and resources are required to fully reintegrate into a new life.

Our care management program is a minimum of three months. Tailored for each individual’s needs, we stress the importance of balance in all aspects of life to give our clients the opportunity for a meaningful and sustainable life of recovery.

Care management program includes:

Daily check-ins with our care management specialist, including a daily reflection tailored to each person’s process.

In-depth, weekly zoom sessions with our clinical director and care management specialist.

Therapeutic assignments reviewed by both the clinical director and care management specialist.

Tracking attendance of therapy, psychiatry, medical appointments, outpatient programs, 12-Step meetings and other support groups.

Relapse prevention and containment planning.

24/7 access to our care management specialist.

Coordination of randomized drug testing and monitoring.

Creating and reviewing weekly schedule, including time and task management.

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