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Sober companions to keep you safe and accountable.

We offer sober companions for substance use disorder and mental health clients for a variety of situations: from transportation between treatment programs, to life events that may be challenging. Our sober companions are available for both short-term and long-term accountability.

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What does a sober companion do?

Sober companions are people in long-term recovery who support clients in situations that may be challenging. Companions are trained to provide support in a variety of transitional situations, from transportation to treatment, transportation home after treatment, life events such as weddings or funerals, or to provide extra accountability after treatment for a period of time. Typically this can help clients establish stability outside of a treatment setting.

Different types of sober companions

Transportation from intervention to treatment

We will escort your loved one following the intervention to the treatment facility, door to door. This service gives family members peace of mind knowing their loved ones are guided to the door of the treatment facility. We take care of every travel logistic and our companions navigate airports, rental cars, and other miscellaneous pieces involved in travel.

Transportation between treatment programs

In some cases, the treatment team recommends a “step-down” level of care after primary treatment. Our sober companions are available to transport your loved one to the next level of care while ensuring their safety.

Transportation from treatment to home

Arriving home after treatment is an adjustment, and our sober companions will escort your loved one home. We also offer short- and long-term transitional companionship, which allows your loved one to get acclimated to their new life of recovery, including implementing a sustainable schedule, finding local support meetings, attending appointments, and connecting with the appropriate aftercare services.

Supervisor for special events

Life events and obligations such as weddings, reunions, and business trips can be challenging for those in early recovery. We are available to accompany you or your loved one during any event or situation.

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