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Compassionate interventions tailored for every situation.

The idea of intervening on a loved one can be scary and overwhelming. That is why Lighthouse Recovery Resources is here to help.

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How we conduct interventions

When someone is battling a chronic illness like addiction or alcoholism, it is difficult to witness them suffering. However, a thoughtful, compassionate intervention is often the best method to get them the care they need.

We handle everything from planning, assessment, intervention, transportation, and treatment placement. Our team includes a licensed, masters-level clinician to aid in our assessment and placement process. We have successfully intervened upon substance use disorders, primary mental health clients, dual diagnosis, and process addictions.

We work with the intervening group to plan and prepare. Everyone involved works together to create a united front, which helps the person feel supported and not attacked.

Step 1

Call us to determine whether an intervention is appropriate for your loved one; if we see that there may be other options besides an intervention, we will suggest those first.

Step 2

Set up a conference call to schedule and plan pre-intervention family meetings and determine the intervention time and location.

Step 3

We coordinate transportation and admission to the appropriate treatment program based on previous discussions with family and friends of the person of concern.


The final step is performing the intervention and transporting the individual to treatment.

*The above intervention steps can be modified depending on the needs and challenges of both the individual and the family.

Intervention techniques for any situation

We are trained in a variety of intervention techniques. Each intervention is unique, and Surprise and Invitational are both effective depending on situational needs. Our interventions are tailored to the clinical needs and circumstances of both the individual and the family.

Surprise Intervention

The most common intervention technique, where close friends and family plan and implement a surprise confrontation of their loved one. This strategy requires close cooperation between the interventionist and family to ensure your loved one does not feel attacked.

Invitational Intervention

The invitational intervention is non-confrontational by nature. Rather than surprising your loved one with a meeting, they are involved from the beginning. It is a gradually-escalating process of respectful, compassionate meetings that direct your loved one to get treatment.

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